20 Yard Rolloff Dumpster 3 Day Rental
20 Yard Rolloff Dumpster 3 Day Rental


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Dimensions: 14'L x 7'W x 6'H

Rental Time: 3 Days

Additional Days: $35/day

Tons Included: 2 included

Extra Weight: $50/1,000 lbs


 20 Yard Roll Off Dumpsters

Why rent our 20 yard dumpster? 

The versatility of 20 yard dumpster can be used for a variety of projects, from home renovations to commercial construction projects. If you're unsure which size dumpster to rent, a 20 yard dumpster can be a versatile option that can meet your needs for a variety of projects.

  • Larger projects: If you have a larger project, such as a home renovation or construction project, that will generate a significant amount of waste or debris, a 20 yard dumpster can hold more materials than a 15 yard dumpster. This can save you time and money by reducing the number of trips required to dispose of the waste.

  • Commercial projects: For commercial projects, such as construction sites or commercial renovations, a 20 yard dumpster can be a more practical choice because of the larger amount of waste generated. A 20 yard dumpster can hold a higher volume of debris, making it more cost-effective for commercial projects.

  • Larger items: If you need to dispose of larger items, such as furniture, appliances, or large pieces of construction debris, a 20 yard dumpster can provide more space and flexibility than a 15 yard dumpster.

  • Convenience: Renting a larger dumpster can be more convenient because you don't have to worry about the dumpster filling up quickly and requiring frequent pickups. With a 20 yard dumpster, you can have a larger container on-site for a longer period of time, allowing you to work on your project at your own pace.

  • Cost-effectiveness: In some cases, renting a 20 yard dumpster can be more cost-effective than renting multiple smaller dumpsters. This is especially true if you have a large amount of waste or debris to dispose of, as the cost of renting multiple 15 yard dumpsters may be higher than renting a single 20 yard dumpster.

Ultimately, the decision to rent a 20 yard dumpster vs a 15 yard dumpster will depend on your specific needs and the amount of waste or debris you need to dispose of. Consider the size of your project, the type of waste or debris you need to dispose of, and your budget when making your decision.Renting a 20 yard dumpster can save you time and effort by providing a convenient way to dispose of your waste or debris. Additionally, you can often rent a dumpster for a fixed period of time, which can help you stay on schedule with your project. DIMENSIONS: 6' tall x 14' long x 8' wideLarge rear swing door with easy walk-on and walk-off access.  Roll-off has wheels to protect your driveway.  It can be placed in your driveway, on grass, gravel or asphalt.  Our 20 yard dumpsters rent for up to 3 days included in the price.  We deliver/pickup the dumpsters between 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday.  You may receive a call or text when our driver is enroute to your location.

$420 (+ Tax) base price includes:

  • 1 delivery and 1 pickup of a 20 yard container
  • 3 day rental beginning on day of delivery, $35.00 per additional day
  • Disposal fees for the first 1 ton, $50/1000lbs after

Permitted Waste:

This rental is for standard C&D (construction & demolition) waste.

Permitted waste includes wood, drywall, wiring, insulation, pipes, PVC, carpet, tile, glass, furniture, vinyl, linoleum, metal, and granite/stone.

PROHIBITED waste includes, but is not limited to: paint, hazardous material, appliances containing Freon, dirt, concrete. Please review our full Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

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